This here is a list of things I wish to have or am trying to save up for. Perhaps some good bystander will gift me these wishes and items. =3

How to Draw Manga Computones Vol1 – Although it’s another book, I’m more interested in the CD that has a collection of tones I can use in Photoshop.
How to Draw Manga Computones Vol2
How to Draw Manga Computones Vol3
How to Draw Manga A girls Lifre
More How to Draw Manga Vol1
How to Draw manga Ultimate Lessons Vol 4
How to Draw manga Ultimate Lesson Vol 6
Wacom Cintiq Tablet
Light Box
I.C Manga A4 Paper I’ll always be in a need for these. In which if I’m down to my last pack I will order another 10 pack X_x
Delerer Manga A4 Paper PLAIN The difference is that this is completely blank and has no guide lines. So I could use this as paper for the cover to the manga or just pretty art.
A list of Prismacolors I would like to have
Manga Studio EX I actually have Debut but I would love to upgrade it. Eventually I’ve been hinting it on my husband about this for a while. As well as the Cintiq tablet.
A list of Pose reference books

Well there maybe more and so it will be added up to it.