Name: Sivvy Dawson
Alias: PhoenixCrash
Birthday: January 6 1982

I’ve started drawing at around 12 years old. I was drawing silly stuff back then. Took my first class in my senior year of Junior High and that’s where I got serious about art. Mostly I’m self taught and I read books about techniques and styles. My main focus in my artwork is anime/manga style with a little western influence. During Junior High School I was in art classes for two years, High School I took art class during my senior year and some college art courses. I’ve also learned from other people that have inspired me and art tutorials I’ve found online.

Lately I’ve not been doing many artwork due to life issues but the thrive to keep working on my style and improve my artwork is still around. I’ve had many dreams of getting my first story completed in comic or manga form and it’s taking a while to do so. As I am still working and practicing I am also open for commissions if anyone is interested.