Well I need to do an update. It is way overdue for one.

January I attended SukoshiCon Destination Anime. Probably the last SukoshiCon I’ll ever do. My experience with this years event was just atrocious. Last year was great I loved it regardless of what little  organization it was. This year the disorganization of the convention was just beyond intolerable, and then being told that they think very highly of their artist alley patrons as much as their vendors just appalled  me. I mean the artist alley badges were  just paper printed with the SukoshiCon mascot in black and white with the word “Artist Alley” written on it, while the vendors get very nicely lamenated colored badges. I’ve already ranted about this on my tumblr so if you wish to read it go for it. I still need to go through screenshots of conversations and such to update it.

Anyway. Upcoming conventions.

FreeCon 10. April 18-20. Easter weekend. I thought it was a week before. So well won’t be spending Easter with my husband’s family, but well need to get myself out there and sell what I can.

HamaCon 5. June 5-8th.Will probably be bringing my daughter to this one since it is on the last week of school for her. I don’t think it’ll be a big problem for her to miss the last two days of school to travel to Alabama to help her mother sell prints, do you?

Will be trying for FandomCon in November when AA registration gets put up and going to give a  shot at the Otakon lottery system this year. I am trying to do a lot more conventions this year only because I this is what I want to do. I love anime conventions.

What is the terrible part? Well every year, or almost every year my husband and I attend BlizzCon and I will have to wait for the announcements of BlizzCon dates to debate on what conventions to go to near the end of the year. BlizzCon is usually around August – November, and they don’t announce the dates for BlizzCon until March-May. So any conventions around that time that I want to go to I can’t make plans until there’s a definite date on BlizzCon. Which is terrible because AWA  is around that time too and it’s a big convention, but any who.

Yeah that’s the schedule.