I know I had made promises to get pages up by now though it’s been a long few months. November to December was the holidays and well not much time spent on doing artwork though I did force myself to get something done so that I will have something to sell at Destination Anime which was in January. I didn’t sell much as much as I saw a lot of foot traffic, but then again I didn’t have an awesome display to let anyone know what I was selling or doing. So it was a slow start for my first Artist Alley. I did get two commissions on the last day and a sale or two. Not much sold. I also did make some new friends.

Musetap Studio’s artist brother Josh was there selling prints of the two artist Will Woods and Tyrine Carver. Last day I had bought some prints myself. Did get some tips and pointers from Josh on how to prepare for the next AA I will be at. He’s a real nice guy.

Then there was this mini top hat lady named Aimee. She makes cute little top hats and of course most foot traffic I saw was people purchasing her hats. Have to check them out. She is also super nice.

I did catch a cold or the flu bug after the convention was over. So for three weeks I was bed ridden and so tired of being sick. I tried my best to get art work done and continue with the commission but I was hurting so much just by sitting at my desk. So I am behind on commission work.

I have been working on more artwork to make prints out of for the next convention. I will be at FreeCon9 in Tallahassee at the FSU campus. The event is free for anyone that wants to go, though I as the artist and the other vendors have to pay for our tables. =o So that is coming in April and I am pushing myself to get some work pulled out so I can get stickers and buttons made and prints printed.

After FreeCon9 I will be heading to Alabama in at the end of May for Hama-con. I have to make my hotel reservations next month for that one. So catch me there if you are going to be there.

Then trying see if I can hit Anime Weekend Atlanta in September. Just waiting for the Artist Alley registration to open for that.

I did try to apply for Florida Anime Experience in Orlando and Hoshicon in North Carolina but I was turned down for the Artist Alley so that’s a bit of a bust. It’s ok it’ll give me more time to get some new artwork ready.

Hubby is pulling together at least $300 bucks for me to get some prints and what nots ready for next month. If I need more maybe he’ll give it to me, but going to do the $300 budget at the moment. I think I can get 5 images of prints for that and then some bookmarks and buttons made.

I’d love to get stickers made, but not too sure.
I could start up a kickstarter to raise the money to get my stuff done, but I don’t even know how many people will support the cause. I could at least try I suppose.

Also Blizzcon 2013 is in November 5-6 this year. So gotta save money for that. Cause the hubby and I always try to make it to Blizzcon.

That’s the news for now. I’ll have to update the comic soon.